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It?s a long, exacting process, getting the skintight, black latex rolled precisely into place, hugging every curve of Malibu?s spectacular geography. But when she sees the results in the mirror, it?s oh so worth the effort. Her pussy begins to juice even as the sweat under the clinging rubber starts to lubricate her golden flesh all over. The wicked slit in the rubber panties tempts her just as it will tempt her Master when he returns to their spectacular beachfront home. Appraising herself in her gleaming finery, she has to admit that she makes a truly fine fuck doll. He won?t be able to resist her charms for long. Indeed, she can?t resist them herself. What?s the harm in starting a bit early? Why not get her lovely slit all open and glistening for him with the help of the sleek, glass probe? She can?t be blamed for coming a couple of times along the way, especially once she feels the weight of the gleaming handcuffs she snaps on her own wrists. Malibu likes her hardware heavy, just like she prefers her costumes snug enough to feel truly confining. It?s just that much better after the zippers come down and the strategic openings (hers and her outfit?s) gape wide. When he gets there and finds her sprawled, shackled and disheveled amid her playthings, she knows his displeasure will be her pleasure soon enough. See latex diva Tash.

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Latex Fetish
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