Heavy Rubber

I can see how much he appreciates the way the rubber clings to my curves, and why not? I am a very fine piece indeed. Some Mistresses just like to strut around and pose, but I have more to offer. The right man can lick the rubber-scented sweat off my golden flesh. If his dick is big enough and hard enough, I might even saddle up and grind it into my gash until he gets me off properly. But those privileges come at a price. Iím quick to use the whip and not gently at all, and I can wait as long as it takes for him to prove his eagerness to please with his tongue on my clit, pussy and ass. I enjoy watching him picsture my body inside its rubber sheath as I blow smoke rings in his face. I can blow them around his cock too if he inspires my generosity. Itís fun to make him stand perfectly still while I alternately tease him with my mouth and lash him with the leather snake. How bad does he really want me? What am I worth to him? I donít care about his money or his silly offerings of furs and jewels. My price is paid in pain, and I donít sell myself cheap.

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Latex Fetish
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