Latex Fetish Model Helly

Latex Fetish Model Helly in Red latex catsuit with big boobs like a fetish latex doll. Already hot under my rubber dress, I make him strip first and watch me, pausing to lay on the flogger to be certain heís paying attention, though I know this measure isnít needed. I taunt him for the rigid evidence of his desire, but Iím not giving him any, yet. All he gets to do is watch while I take my time, revealing my body at agonizing leisure. Ordering him to remain completely still and not touch himself, I go further than usual, teasing my clit with the whip-tip, peeling back my labia with gloved fingers to show off my wet, pink interior. Would he like to see me come? I donít wait for an answer. My vibrating prod is near at hand, and I turn away to show him my ass while I fuck myself with it, lingering over my hard button at each out-stroke. Just the thought of him back there drooling makes me even hotter. It doesnít take me long to work myself up to a writhing, gasping paroxysm. Iím not shy about letting a slave see me enjoy myself. Anything he learns that way will be to my advantage. Now, at last, I turn my attention to my visitor. After what heís seen, how far will he go to please me? Heíll take a hard whipping for sure, but my strap-on in his ass? Thatís the price to feel my glove wrap his dick. I never doubt that heíll pay it in full. TABOO GALLERIES |Jana Photography by Fresh Fetish

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