Rubber Weekend

Chained at the neck and curled comfortably on my cushions, I can only wait, lubricating helplessly inside my skintight rubber. What has he brought for me? It looks like a big, steel bowl of milk. I get it: rubber catsuit, milk. Iím to lap up my breakfast without using my hands. But first I have to earn the privilege. A quick zip, and the membrane-thin garment peels away from my soaked surfaces. He likes to watch me make my clit swell up big and hard. Of course, I also greased my little pucker so I can show him what a dirty latex kitty I really am, gazing up at him while I stretch my own sphincters. Not surprisingly, Iím stripped to my shoes in a heartbeat. The sudden coolness of the air makes my nipples oh so stiff. At his command, I languidly roll my haunches into the air and present the way Iíve been taught. He likes to give me these little challenges. I have to lap up my milk, not spilling a drop, while he slowly and relentlessly fucks me from behind. Itís tricky. He knows all my good spots, inside and out, but even as I sway my hips in rhythm, I lap delicately away with my pointed, pink tongue until the bowl gleams empty, and Iím panting with need. Now I can fuck him back harder, musically rattling the long chain. It wonít be long before I get my second helping of cream. As cat tricks go, it beats jumping through hoops by a mile. Feish Bunker Latex Models - Helly, Christy and Katya

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